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TBF Consulting will provide a no obligation, free 30 minute consultation, which will cover:

  • Current processes.
  • Major pain points, i.e. the things you'd most like to never do again and/or the most time consuming tasks. Often they are the same.
  • Your goals for your business, focusing not only on financial, but also quality of life.

We'll follow up with options and implementation plans, which take into account:

  • Budget.
  • You and your employees IT knowledge.
  • Current state, including existing systems, data and management processes
  • Timelines.

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Lift and Shift Applications to the Cloud
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What is Software Automation

Software automation is simply the utilisation of software to perform essential and/or recurring operational or marketing tasks.

  • Some great candidates are:
    • Receipts and invoices.
    • CRM to email to spreadsheet.
    • Meetings especially outside your organisation
    • Bookings, for exact times or time periods, e.g. 8-11am.
    • Notifications, SMS and email linked to other applications.
    • Email campaigns.
    • Registrations
    • Contract signings and approval systems.
    • Recruitment/HR can be hugely improved with systemised processes. Especially for skills which can be easily tested.

Get Your Life Back and Save Money

No one started a business to spend their nights and weekends doing boring, unprofitable admin work.

Some simple software choices can:

  • Hugely reduce the hours you spend on operation and marketing work. It can easily be hundreds of ours per year.
  • Save thousands of dollars in fees.
  • Reduce the potential for expensive errors.
  • Improve your service delivery to your clients.
  • Make you tax audit proof.
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Redevelop Applications using Cloud Services

Can my business benefit?

It's hard to think of a business which wouldn't.

You might think your business is one which technology won't help but it will if:

  • You receive money from customers.
  • You pay money to suppliers.
  • You pay tax.
  • You have staff or contractors working for you.
  • You use or can use a CRM. (Customer relationship management software)
  • You roster staff.
  • Take bookings.
  • Schedule your appointments in blocks, e.g. tradespeople.
  • Send notifications or reminders.
  • Want to run promotional offers.
  • Have thousands of emails without management rules.
  • Want to use social media better.