A number of clients have worked with TBF Consulting to setup and automate API gateways to allow them to

  • Increase value from Internal data assets
  • Open up new business models through exposing API’s
  • Develop customer facing services at high speed


Outcomes and Benefits

TBF Consulting has delivered both AWS and Azure PaaS solutions to multiple clients with the following outcomes

  • Fully automated API deployment through a DevOps pipeline
  • A repeatable and well documented solution design
  • Over 100 clear business API’s delivered using Swagger
  • Integration to a significant number of legacy or poorly written Technical API’s


Depending on the clients requirements TBF applied the following approach

  • AWS API Gateway was used in conjunction to Lambda functions, AWS queues and containers to integrate to backend services
  • Azure API Management was used in conjunction with Functions and the Azure ESB to integrate to backend services
  • The development of Swagger (Open API 2.0/3.0) to develop business specific API’s that were deployed onto the API Gateways
  • The use of Active Directory to secure the API’s using OAuth 2.0 for multiple credential grants.
  • The use of Jenkins and VSTS to deploy and automate the Swagger Definitions to the API Gateways.