Evo Energy is moving to the cloud in an organic and unplanned fashion. The opportunity is to provide some rigor to their cloud decisions by providing a strategy that highlighted what they were doing correctly and where they had gaps that needed to be remediated.

The business has a financial imperative to move to the cloud and they needed a plan to ensure that they could achieve their cloud aspirations.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • A remediation plan was prepared and was adopted broader than just Evo Energy (across ActewAgl Retail and Gas)
  • A clearly defined strategy that was understood and adopted by senior management
  • A clear understanding of Evoenergy’s Risk profile and a remediation plan


  • We were asked to prepare a cloud strategy, maturity assessment, gap, risk and remediation plan for EvoEnergy. We analyzed the current landscape to determine any existing cloud activities. We analyzed their current implementations and their current application portfolio. We then formulated a cloud strategy based on Evoenergy's business goals and imperatives. This was then used to find and identify any current Gaps in their cloud implementation. A set of 50 recommendations was prepared and presented to the various stakeholders.