With an increasing number of systems handling financial transactions, TBF Consulting built an SaaS offering that allows systems to be easily integrated into the core financial system, to ensure financial reporting and integrity can be achieved.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • A significantly reduced integration cost between operation systems and financial systems.  One client saved 3 months of risky development time on one integration.
  • Simplified service reconciliations between operation systems and the financial system.
  • Simplified system reconciliations between operational systems and the financial system.
  • High levels of integrity with the use of Blockchain to ensure no manipulation of reconciliations.
  • The ability to handle billions of transactions per client



The system allows the connection of the operational system and the financial system with the use of configurable rules that determine how data will be posted to the financial system.  There are specific adapters that are built for each financial system or operational system that are integrated using an ESB to ensure high levels of integrity.