TBFConsulting redeveloped a number of in-house solutions that were used to facilitate the capital raising process.  TBFConsulting redeveloped existing applications utilising the rich PaaS features within the Azure platform to achieve the following business goals

  1. Make the capital raising process as simple as possible for brokers saving them time and money;
  2. To open up capital raising opportunities to a larger number of investors.


Outcomes and Benefits

The benefits achieved included

  • A significant reduction in the effort required to setup and manage a capital raising
  • An extremely low operational cost to maintain the platform.
  • The ability to scale automatically to a large number of users in a short time, satisfying the high levels of variation in client demand


The Azure PaaS solution was integrated into a number of SaaS products (CRM, Payment, and Identity) using the Azure PaaS and integration stack.