The Software is Out There – Our Path to Automation


As an IT company it might be expected that automation of every aspect of our operations, would be an easy thing. However, like all other business owners, we’ve had to wade through the vast online jungle of product offerings, to pick the ones which provide the best value for money and genuinely solve recurring, repetitive problems.

Aspire to do Nothing

We’ve reduced our burden by tens of hours per month, increased efficiency and reduced costs substantially, because like everyone else, we didn’t get into business to spend all our time with bookwork, admin and management of activities which don’t improve our services and profitability.

Linking products together has delivered some of our greatest returns, if one system can talk to another system, then another, you can really cut overheads to a fraction of their current cost.

Your goal should be to spend zero time on work that is repeatable, systemisable and can be done by a computer.

Too Much Choice

If you can think of it, someone has probably built software to do it, but how do you decide which to use, when they might be literally hundreds of products in the space your searching. This is certainly the case for CRMs, accounting, messaging, email and chat, scheduling, backlog management and pretty much every other niche.

What to Automate? Lots of Things.

Our rule is that we will automate anything, which can be automated, if it consistently requires more than 30 minutes per month. Some great candidates are:

  • Receipts and invoices.
  • CRM to email to spreadsheet.
  • Meetings especially outside your organisation
  • Bookings, for exact times or time periods, e.g. 8-11am.
  • Notifications, SMS and email linked to other applications.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Registrations
  • Contract signings and approval systems.
  • Recruitment/HR can be hugely improved with systemised processes. Especially for skills which can be easily tested.

Keep it Simple

Initially, automate the obvious, simple jobs and see how that goes. Then look to affordably increase your software portfolio.


There are obvious candidates, finance is probably number one. The capability exists to reduce the onerous and frustrating  management of many businesses to close to zero touch.

More to this niche than MYOB and Xero

Tenbagsfull has realised really outstanding benefits by integrating  timesheeting, receipting, email and accounting packages. Our contractors can submit their timesheets, have invoices automatically created, project costs itemised and updated and be paid with next to no intervention. It looks a lot like this:

  1. Timesheets to Payroll
  2. Paper and email receipts to A/P Bills (OCR and categorization).
  3. Email rule to forward on Receipts and Bills for above.
  4. Online Invoices to accounting package
  5. Timesheeting comments to MS Teams Channel (Great for agile teams)
  6. Pulling user stories into Teams for context.
  7. Automated RCTI’s from timesheeting app to accounting package, creating Purchase Orders to A/P Bills
  8. Timesheets to A/R Invoices.
  9. Even our HR process will be automated soon, using our hiring criteria so that we can have a continual process going to get top talent.

Scheduling, Notifications, Meetings and CRMs

Modern systems will manage all of the above and can be made to communicate with each other, even if, like the classic IT stereotype, they’d rather be in a corner by themselves.

Social Media

Manage all your social media posts from one location to amplify your marketing.

Capitalising on Service Offerings

Professional call answering, assistance with accounts, website development and integrations, as with software, the list is endless and can all be utilised to reduce the burden on business owners and support staff.

Who Benefits

Everyone will benefit if they embrace technology.

Tradespeople can automate their appointments, manage notifications, reminders and accounts and so regain their weekends and nights.

Service businesses can link websites, CRMs, mail-outs, lead management, client engagements, orders, contractors and their finance and HR systems. You can be providing professional services, food, recruitment, hairdressing, online retail, automotive or pretty much anything and be nearly certain to see major efficiency gains with a minor spend and short delivery times.

Government is a prime candidate for product support. There is no reason why agencies can’t use accounting services, email automation, innovative meeting solutions and any number of simple, easily installed products.

Talk to Tenbagsfull

Tenbagsfull, is confident that putting our experience and knowledge into practice will be of huge value to businesses of any size. So we are is offering free consultations with anyone who’d like an assessment of their current technology state, even if it’s non-existent and wants to know how they can easily and affordably transform their business processes.

Simply contact us to arrange an appointment.